We offer a wide range of vehicles, including fully electric cars and seven-seater vehicles, with every make and model favoured by professional drivers in the private hire industry.

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Why Choose Us

We sell cars to private hire businesses and private hire drivers; providing them with the reliable, high-quality vehicles they need to deliver their driving and taxi services, at the right price.

The biggest range of cars for private hire drivers and businesses

We offer reliable used cars for sale from the biggest brands, including Ford, Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen and Tesla. You'll find a wide range of ready listings to suit every need.

Competitive prices

We run a slick business in order to pass on cost-saving efficiencies to our customers - you'll find great prices on all of our used cars, and we will also price match like-for-like vehicles.

Knowledge and expertise

Our businesses team have years of expertise and knowledge within the private hire sector and we can offer advice and guidance to help business and private hire drivers to find the exact cars they need.


Can't find the car you need? We'll use our contacts to find it for you - working flexibly to source your exact requirements quickly and without hassle. We can also provide and guidance on any cars you might be considering for your business, using our years of experience in the field to help you make the right choice.


Most of our private hire customers will prefer a form of finance to buy new cars within their business. After all, finance allows valuable capital to remain within the business and maintains a healthy cash flow, without having to tie up funds. Our team can organise the best possible finance for your needs, with ready, competitive deals built around your preferences, credit score and available deposit. We even handle the paperwork for you to make everything slick, simple and hassle-free at all times. We do not provide finance ourselves but can put you in touch with reputable finance lenders.

An end-to-end process

We work hard to identify the best possible cars for our customers before we list them on our website. We always know which makes and models perform best for the private hire business and we only list cars that we are happy to sell. Trust is key to our business as we know our customers will continue to use us if they experience the best possible service and reliable cars. Choose us and you can rest assured the entire process is in safe hands. From helping to source your car to organising finance, to arranging the handover of your new investment to your business, we're here for you.


Naturally, our team is still here to help once you have taken delivery of your new business investment. We're here to answer any queries you might have after purchase and are available to help at all times. Looking ahead to plan your next private hire car purchase? Our team can begin sourcing it for you at the right point in your business cycle.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on offering a high degree of customer service and we value our customers greatly. By investing in our relationships with private car drivers and businesses, we are able to provide an ongoing service that benefits everyone over time. We work hard to become a trusted used private hire car retailer for businesses in the professional driving industry and enjoy plenty of repeat business as a result.

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